Access a range of College policies covering attendance, access, uniforms, communication, reports and more.


Parents are legally responsible for the continuing attendance of their child at school. Attendance is compulsory during the normal school hours and absences can greatly affect your child’s progress. Students are not permitted to leave the school premises during school hours without parent approval.

Absences or Late Arrival

Parents/carers are asked to contact the College before 9.00am on 03 9223 1400 if your child is going to be absent from school. Text messages are sent at approximately 10.00am each morning to parents/carers of absent students.

For longer term absences parents/carers are required to submit a note to the general office and inform the tutor group/classroom teacher.

Students are expected to be on time at the beginning of the day and to attend all classes. Students arriving late are disruptive to the class and interfere with other students’ leaning. Students who are late to school must collect a late pass at the office.

Canteen and Healthy Eating

The school has a canteen that is open every day at recess and lunchtime. The School follows DET guidelines in regard to promoting healthy eating and encourages students to bring healthy food to school. Food served at the canteen, available for students to purchase, is in line with DET guidelines.


Permission forms must be returned to the teacher responsible for the excursion at least three days prior to the event. Students without the appropriate approval may not attend.

Home School Partnerships

The school primarily communicates with Parents and Carers via the Compass portal. Parents/carers are asked to check the Compass portal daily for emails. If you forget your username or password please contact the College on 9223 1400 for assistance.


Lockers are allocated at the start of each year. Students pay a deposit when they first enrol at the school and receive a refund when they return the lock. Bags are not permitted in class. Students are responsible for keeping their lockers clean.

Money & Valuables

The school, takes no responsibility for and does not replace lost or stolen money, valuables or belongings. All money, valuables and belongings are brought to school at the owners own risk.


Schools are not allowed to administer medication. If your child requires medication during the course of the day please notify the classroom/tutor group teacher.


The College principal posts a weekly bulletin on the Compass Portal.  News items are posted on Facebook and on the school website Link to the News Feed


Formal reports are written at the end of each semester and are available each in Compass. Details of students’ participation in extra-curricular activities and extension programs are also included. Progress reports are distributed at the end of Term 1 and Term 3. Parent / Teacher interviews are conducted at this time, with dates published in the Compass Portal Calendar.

Textbooks & Booklists

Textbooks are required for most secondary school subjects. Booklists are distributed at the end of each year and give you a detailed list of all class equipment required.


Students are expected to be in full school uniform every day. Sports Uniforms are required for Sport and PE classes. Learn more about our Uniform Policy.


For your reference please find following a link to Collection Statement – Primary School and Collection Statement – Secondary School.

Anaphylaxis Management (.pdf 694 KB)
Asthma Management (.pdf 632 KB)
Attendance Policy June 2021 (.pdf 267 KB)
Bullying & Harassment (.pdf 577 KB)
Camps and Excursions Policy (2023) (.pdf 164 KB)
Care Arrangements for Ill Children (.pdf 524 KB)
CCTV (.pdf 515 KB)
Child Safe Mandatory Reporting (.doc 121 KB)
Childsafe Risk Assessment (.pdf 465 KB)
Collection Statement Primary School (.docx 31 KB)
Collection Statement Secondary School (.docx 30 KB)
Complaints Policy Parents, Students & Community 2019 (.pdf 873 KB)
Curriculum Framework (.docx 48 KB)
Diabetes Management Policy (.pdf 200 KB)
Digital Technologies (.pdf 555 KB)
Digital Technologies - Student Internet/Social Media (.pdf 541 KB)
Duty of Care Policy (.pdf 570 KB)
Enrolment (.pdf 572 KB)
Equal Opportunity Inclusion and Diversity (.pdf 562 KB)
First Aid (.pdf 563 KB)
First Aid Register (.pdf 501 KB)
Health Care Needs (.pdf 612 KB)
Homework (.pdf 543 KB)
Information Privacy (.docx 43 KB)
Medication - Administration (.pdf 609 KB)
Medication - Management (.pdf 502 KB)
Mobile Phones, Use by Students Policy (.pdf 152 KB)
Personal Property (.pdf 558 KB)
Photographing Filming & Recording Students (.pdf 806 KB)
Statement & Enactment of Values and School Philosophy (.pdf 564 KB)
Student Engagement (.pdf 557 KB)
Student Uniform & Dress Code (.pdf 696 KB)
Sun & UV Protection (SunSmart) (.docx 46 KB)
Uniform (Dress Code) (.doc 102 KB)
Visitors to The School (.pdf 568 KB)
Volunteers (.pdf 809 KB)
Wellbeing & Learning (.docx 47 KB)
Yard Duty and Supervision (.pdf 490 KB)