Berry Street Education Model (BSEM)

CLTC takes a whole school approach to wellbeing using the Berry Street Education Model (BSEM). The BSEM approach is based on a Trauma-Informed Positive Education Program that links trauma-informed classrooms with proven positive psychology interventions. The Berry Street Education Model provides strategies to teacher to ensure students achieve their personal and social potential through educational achievement.

Building school-wide rhythms and body regulations through a focus on physical and emotional regulation of stress responses, de-escalation in school and classroom contexts, and mindfulness opportunities throughout the school day.

Increasing relational capacities in staff and students through attachment principles with specific relationship strategies with difficult to engage young people.

Creating a strong culture of independence for academic tasks by nurturing resilience, emotional intelligence and a growth mindset.

Employing engagement strategies that build willingness in struggling students.

Harnessing a values and character strengths approach to enable successful student self-knowledge, which leads to empowered future pathways.

Wellbeing Team