Student leadership is developed through a well established and vibrant student leadership program.

The primary and secondary schools both have student leadership teams. All student leaders are provided with leadership coaching and support. Secondary aged students have the opportunity to participate in the Student Representative Council as well as fill senior leadership roles as College captains.

Student Leadership Vision

Charles La Trobe College encourages student participation in the decision making processes of the school by establishing structures which enable student opinions to be voiced, thereby developing a sense of civic responsibility and pride in their school.

It is the responsibility of all members of the school community to promote, foster and encourage students to take on roles of leadership, responsibility and commitment to the school.

The College aims to promote leadership in many areas including whole college leadership and specialised areas such as; sport, arts and community captains. The following positions are offered to students to encourage and support student participation in leadership.


  • Captaincy: Students in the Primary school have the opportunity to become class captains; Year 6 students are able to nominate to be Primary School captains. Throughout the year the student leaders participate in activities like; student leadership training programs, organising fundraising days, making speeches at official school events, and representing the student body.


  • Captaincy: Students in Year 12 have the opportunity to become Senior school captains. We have College, Sport and Performing Arts Captains in Year 12.  Throughout the year they participate in activities like; attending leadership conferences, organising fundraising days, making speeches at official school events, and representing the student body. The senior school captains have worked with the captains in the Middle and Junior schools to coordinate activities across the entire school.
  • Class Captains: Students in every year level may nominate to be school captains and be part of the SRC.
  • Community Captains: Community captains work across the College raising awareness and funds for worthy causes.
  • High Resolves: Year 10 students have the opportunity to be part of the High Resolves Program where they work with Year 8 students on issues surrounding global poverty.
  • Global Leadership Convention: Students across Years 10-12 are able to attend the Global Leadership Convention.
  • Big Day In: An Event Management Team consisting of students in Years 9/10 are running a day focusing on ‘Choices.’  This theme will encompass topics like, safe partying, student wellbeing, relaxation techniques etc.