Student leadership is developed through an established and vibrant student leadership program.

The primary and secondary schools both have student leadership teams. All student leaders are provided with leadership coaching and support. The College highly values the opportunities the leadership program provides to promote student voice in our community.

REAL Awards

Across the College students have the opportunity to earn ‘REAL’ Awards based on the College values and student academic achievement. The secondary awards are presented at termly assemblies and the end of year presentation evening.  The assemblies are coordinated and led by student leaders.

Primary School

In the primary school students may participate in leadership as a class captain or as primary school captains. The primary school captains lead the fortnightly assembly and present ‘REAL’ awards to their peers. The primary leaders are provided with support to role model the school values to their peers.

Community Captains

Secondary students apply for Rotary Scholarships and if successful form the community captain leadership group. The captains coordinate awareness and fundraising activities across the College. They also volunteer time outside the College to support worthy causes.

College Captains

Secondary students participate in a rigorous selection process to win appointments as House, Art, Sport and College captains. The captains coordinate the REAL awards and house points system as well as special events such as the Art’s Festival and Athletics Carnival. They role model the school values for their peers and participate in student council. The students are supported by a teacher mentor and provided with leadership training opportunities.  The College captains also participate in the School Council meetings.

Secondary Student Council

Students from year 7 to 12 may apply for class captain positions. Class captains are voted into positions by their peers and work with the captain’s leadership team to promote and role model school values, ensure all students work together to maintain a safe and orderly environment and provide special events for the community. The student council also provides feedback to the College principal team in regard to student experiences of College life.


The Rotary Club of Rosanna support the secondary student leaders to participate in an ‘Interact’ club which enables our student leaders to think and act globally to address humanitarian issues.  The Interact Club run awareness raising and fundraising activities each term.