At Charles La Trobe P-12 College, students have the opportunity to participate in a vast array of curriculum activities based on STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

STEM subjects are of critical importance as most aspects of society today, interact with or have direct links to, these subjects. Occupations in STEM-related careers are some of the fastest growing and have excellent potential for job growth. At the College we provide a solid STEM foundation through a well-rounded curriculum to ensure that students are exposed to STEM throughout their schooling.

Digital Coding

Digital coding is explicitly taught across the College from Foundation to Year 10. Students learn a variety of coding languages and apply their learning to solve real world problems.

Maker Hub and Tinker Spaces

We provide two spaces for students to invent, make and create using cutting edge technologies, such as 3D Printers, robotics, and Arduino micro-controllers boards. The Tinker Space is located in our Middle School Library. During break times the library is now an active learning space, with student ‘maker’ activities taking place. In 2016 we established a dedicated Maker Hub that links Art, Wood technology and Digital technology together in one physical location. In this space students are able to work on a variety of personal and school projects.

Maker Club

We provide the opportunity for students to extend their STEM learning in a weekly after school Maker Club. Staff from CLTC and Quantum Victoria collaborate to deliver a program that both challenges students and allows them to learn about STEM topics of personal interest. Students have the opportunity to plan, build and evaluate projects of their own choosing, while receiving guidance and support from adult mentors.

Materials Technology

Our program in Materials Technology aims to move beyond traditional Wood and Metal programs. Students learn about electronics and 3D fabrication technologies, in addition to traditional wood and metal craft skills.

Astronomy Club

In partnership with Melbourne University the College offers an Astronomy Club program. The program runs fortnightly during Term 2 and 3. In this program students learn to use a professional telescope and have the opportunity to expand learning to real world scientific thinking.

Formula One in Schools

Secondary students have the opportunity to participate in the exciting and challenging F1 in Schools racing challenge. In this worldwide challenge students work in teams to design, create and race a Formula 1 racing car using a range of high end technology. This is a rich and rewarding extra-curricular activity for students interested in STEM projects.