Download Charles La Trobe College supporting documentation, reports and policies below.

Access To Reports & Other Information About a Student (.docx 39 KB)
Accident Recording & Reporting (.docx 55 KB)
Administration of Medication (.docx 47 KB)
Admission (.doc 89 KB)
Advertising (.docx 40 KB)
Anaphylaxis Management (.docx 59 KB)
Anti-Discrimination (.docx 45 KB)
Archives & Records Management (.docx 49 KB)
Asbestos Handling Policy (.docx 40 KB)
Assessment (.docx 42 KB)
Asthma Management (.docx 51 KB)
Attendance (Student) (.docx 42 KB)
Banning, Searching & Seizure Of Harmful Substances (.doc 90 KB)
Behaviour Support (Including Communication to The College Community) (.docx 50 KB)
Bleeding Students/Blood Spills (.doc 71 KB)
Blood-Borne Viruses (Hepatitis & HIV) (.docx 42 KB)
Bullying & Harassment (.docx 54 KB)
Camps & Excursions (.doc 147 KB)
Care Arrangements for Ill Children (.docx 46 KB)
Ceremonies (Anzac & Remembrance Days) (.docx 42 KB)
Child Safe Children at Risk Policy Dec 2017 (standard 6) (.docx 43 KB)
Child Safe Code of Conduct (.pdf 455 KB)
Child Safe Commitment to Child Safety (.pdf 353 KB)
Child Safe Duty of Care (.docx 48 KB)
Child Safe Empowerment Participation Protection of Children (.docx 48 KB)
Child Safe External Providers (.docx 51 KB)
Child Safe Human Resources (.docx 42 KB)
Child Safe Informing the School Community (.docx 52 KB)
Child Safe Leadership and Governance (.docx 49 KB)
Child Safe Mandatory Reporting (.doc 121 KB)
Child Safe Policy (.pdf 569 KB)
Child Safe Reportable Conduct (.docx 54 KB)
Child Safe Responding and Reporting Procedures (.pdf 571 KB)
Childsafe Risk Assessment (.pdf 465 KB)
CLTC ICT User Agreement 2021 (.docx 200 KB)
CLTC Statement Enactment of School Values & Philosophy July 19 (.pdf 561 KB)
Collection of Students (.docx 39 KB)
College Policies
Complaints, Parents (.doc 2 MB)
Conducting Research (.docx 41 KB)
Contract Cleaning (.doc 87 KB)
Contractor Management (.docx 42 KB)
Copyright (.docx 42 KB)
Curriculum Framework (.docx 48 KB)
Daily Organisation (.doc 78 KB)
Dangerous Goods & Hazardous Substances (.docx 42 KB)
Data Analysis & Use (.docx 44 KB)
Diabetes Management (.doc 101 KB)
Discipline, Student (Overview) (.doc 80 KB)
Drug Education & Drug Use (.docx 41 KB)
Duty of Care (.docx 49 KB)
Emergency & Critical Incidents (.doc 94 KB)
Emergency & Incident Reporting (.doc 94 KB)
Emergency Management Planning (.docx 43 KB)
Employment (.docx 40 KB)
Enrolment (.docx 44 KB)
Epilepsy & Seizure (.docx 45 KB)
Finance - Canteen Operations (.docx 41 KB)
Finance - Cash Handling (.doc 95 KB)
Finance - Fraud & Corruption (.doc 95 KB)
Finance - Fringe Benefits Tax (Taxation Compliance) (.docx 41 KB)
Finance - Fundraising (.docx 37 KB)
Finance - Gifts, Benefits & Hospitality (.docx 49 KB)
Finance - Hire of Facilities (.docx 45 KB)
Finance - Investments (.doc 96 KB)
Finance - Minor Capital Works (.docx 41 KB)
Finance - Parent Payments (.docx 1 MB)
Finance - Refunds Policy (.doc 84 KB)
Finance - Sponsorship (.docx 48 KB)
Finance - Support for Families Experiencing Hardship (.docx 51 KB)
Finance – Internet (Electronic) Banking (.doc 81 KB)
Financial Management (.docx 47 KB)
First Aid (.docx 51 KB)
First Aid Register (.docx 41 KB)
Framework For Improving Student Outcomes (.docx 45 KB)
Freedom Of Information (FOI (.docx 42 KB)
Gender Identity (.doc 81 KB)
Governance & Management (.docx 41 KB)
Head Lice Management (.docx 42 KB)
Health Care Needs (.docx 43 KB)
Healthy Eating (.docx 41 KB)
Home Schooling (.docx 41 KB)
Homestay (.doc 69 KB)
Homework (.docx 57 KB)
Immunisation / Exclusion (Infectious Diseases) (.doc 81 KB)
Incursions (Safety of Children Working With External Providers) (.docx 41 KB)
Information Privacy (.docx 43 KB)
International Student Program (.doc 91 KB)
Internet Use/Social Media (.docx 45 KB)
Koorie Education (.docx 39 KB)
Leading Teacher Tenure Renewal (.docx 40 KB)
Medical Emergencies (.docx 41 KB)
Medication (.docx 43 KB)
Mobile Phones, Use by Children (.doc 73 KB)
Multicultural Education (.docx 41 KB)
Out-Of-Home Care (Homelessness) (.docx 44 KB)
Parental Responsibilities (Decisions About Children) (.doc 110 KB)
Performance & Development (.docx 47 KB)
Personal Devices – Parent Payments & Access (.docx 52 KB)
Photographing & Filming Students (.docx 50 KB)
Playground Equipment Safety (.doc 89 KB)
Police & DHHS Interviews (.docx 49 KB)
Policy Development & Review (.docx 45 KB)
Promotion of Students (.docx 46 KB)
Protocols for Visits by Members of Parliament (.docx 47 KB)
Registers, Maintenance Policy (.docx 50 KB)
Reporting to Parents (.docx 48 KB)
Reporting to Parents (.docx 48 KB)
Responding to Student Sexual Behaviour of Concern (.doc 109 KB)
Responding to Violent & Dangerous Student Behaviour of Concern (.doc 109 KB)
Responding to Violent & Dangerous Student Behaviour of Concern (.docx 52 KB)
Risk Management (.doc 264 KB)
Safety of Students Learning Off-Site (VET Unsupervised) (.docx 52 KB)
School Council Elections (.docx 46 KB)
School Council Legal Framework (.docx 56 KB)
School Council Meetings (.docx 42 KB)
School Council Operations (.doc 93 KB)
School Council Subcommittees & Working Parties (.docx 42 KB)
School Hours (.doc 80 KB)
School Maintenance (.docx 46 KB)
Security Risk Management (.docx 41 KB)
Smoking Ban (.docx 46 KB)
Staff Code of Conduct (General) (.docx 50 KB)
Staff ICT Device Policy (.docx 51 KB)
Staff Leave (.doc 128 KB)
Staff Social Media (.docx 52 KB)
Student Engagement (.doc 150 KB)
Student Engagement Overview (.doc 87 KB)
Student Transfers (.docx 50 KB)
Sun & UV Protection (SunSmart) (.docx 46 KB)
Swimming Instruction /Water Safety (.doc 98 KB)
Teaching & Learning Philosophy (.docx 40 KB)
Time in lieu Policy (.doc 87 KB)
Uniform (Dress Code) (.doc 102 KB)
Using Digital Technology (.docx 40 KB)
Visitors to The School (.docx 42 KB)
Volunteer Workers (.docx 44 KB)
Wellbeing & Learning (.docx 47 KB)
Working with Children Check - Staff (.docx 46 KB)
Working with Children Check - Volunteers (.docx 42 KB)
Yard Duty/On-Site Supervision (.docx 42 KB)