Download Charles La Trobe College supporting documentation, reports and policies below.

Anaphylaxis Management (.pdf 694 KB)
Asthma Management (.pdf 632 KB)
Attendance Policy June 2021 (.pdf 267 KB)
Bullying & Harassment (.pdf 577 KB)
Camps and Excursions Policy (2023) (.pdf 164 KB)
Care Arrangements for Ill Children (.pdf 524 KB)
CCTV (.pdf 515 KB)
Child Safe Mandatory Reporting (.doc 121 KB)
Childsafe Risk Assessment (.pdf 465 KB)
Collection Statement Primary School (.docx 31 KB)
Collection Statement Secondary School (.docx 30 KB)
Complaints Policy Parents, Students & Community 2019 (.pdf 873 KB)
Curriculum Framework (.docx 48 KB)
Diabetes Management Policy (.pdf 200 KB)
Digital Technologies (.pdf 555 KB)
Digital Technologies - Student Internet/Social Media (.pdf 541 KB)
Duty of Care Policy (.pdf 570 KB)
Enrolment (.pdf 572 KB)
Equal Opportunity Inclusion and Diversity (.pdf 562 KB)
First Aid (.pdf 563 KB)
First Aid Register (.pdf 501 KB)
Health Care Needs (.pdf 612 KB)
Homework (.pdf 543 KB)
Information Privacy (.docx 43 KB)
Medication - Administration (.pdf 609 KB)
Medication - Management (.pdf 502 KB)
Mobile Phones, Use by Students Policy (.pdf 152 KB)
Personal Property (.pdf 558 KB)
Photographing Filming & Recording Students (.pdf 806 KB)
Statement & Enactment of Values and School Philosophy (.pdf 564 KB)
Student Engagement (.pdf 557 KB)
Student Uniform & Dress Code (.pdf 696 KB)
Sun & UV Protection (SunSmart) (.docx 46 KB)
Uniform (Dress Code) (.doc 102 KB)
Visitors to The School (.pdf 568 KB)
Volunteers (.pdf 809 KB)
Wellbeing & Learning (.docx 47 KB)
Yard Duty and Supervision (.pdf 490 KB)