While the majority of parents agree homework is important, there is a great deal of variation in regard to parent expectations about the kind and amount of school work that should be completed at home.

The following are some guidelines:

  • Primary school students should complete reading at home. They may also participate in on-line programs such as Mathletics which provides an opportunity to consolidate skills and knowledge.
  • In upper primary and lower secondary year levels students may complete classwork or go on with assignments or projects in addition to ‘practising’ skills taught by the teacher through the school day, for example, completing math problems.
  • Senior secondary students must ensure they complete all work set in class, complete revision and approach homework in a disciplined manner to ensure all work is completed on time and to the expected standard.

Students need opportunities to participate in leisure and family activities to maintain good mental health. Study should be undertaken in short blocks with breaks for eating, socialising and physical activity.

Homework Club

One of the programs offered at the College, as part of our partnership with La Trobe University, is Homework Club. Tutors from the university attend the College after school to provide free tutoring and homework support to our secondary aged students.