Our REAL Values


We protect the right of all students to learn and teachers to teach. Mutual respect and personal responsibility of all members of the College community enable us provide a safe and orderly learning environment.


We encourage our staff and students to be reflective, resilient and confident, to have high expectations for themselves and others as they strive towards personal excellence.


We believe diversity is a strength. We promote diverse ways of learning, thinking and knowing to cultivate open minds and facilitate willingness to take risks to solve new problems. We are inclusive and build positive relationships by accepting one another.


We believe that strong leadership is vital for our community to thrive. Our student and staff leadership teams are responsive to those they serve, inclusive and visionary. We encourage all students to think and behave as leaders by supporting them to be self-motivated, disciplined and by having high expectations of themselves.

Download the Values Matrix here.

Our Vision

Young people feel connected to our school and take pride in being a student here. They develop into inquisitive, literate and numerate life-long learners with a strong sense of community.

We deliver a rich curriculum that motivates students to be engaged in their academic learning. Student data is used to inform and support both academic and wellbeing needs.

We provide a nurturing learning environment that inspires high academic expectations and prioritises health and wellbeing to ensure each student feels safe, valued and respected as an equal member of our school community.

Our Motto

Our motto is ‘to strive, to seek, to excel.’ We encourage all our students to strive to achieve their personal best, to seek new knowledge and skills, and to excel in their areas of special interests or talents.

Our Moral Purpose

We support students to become confident learners who achieve to their full potential. To accomplish this, we offer an education approach based upon the DET High Impact Teaching Strategies.

  • We support all students to become literate and numerate.
  • We foster curiosity by immersing students in problem solving, and providing opportunities for invention and innovation.
  • We empower students to discover their potential by offering a personalised learning approach, this means educational programs are tailored to individual abilities and accommodate students’ interests.
  • Our staff work collaboratively, in professional learning communities, to design and deliver education programs that are engaging and challenging.
  • We nurture empathy and compassion through listening and sharing experiences.
  • We promote honesty, trust and personal responsibility.
  • We create relationships that are caring, supportive and encouraging.