Pathways Planning and Careers

Our Careers and Pathways team provide a personalised approach to subject, program and career planning. Every senior school student meets individually with one of the Pathways team to discuss their areas of interest, skills and career ambitions. Parents and carers are included in these discussions.  We hold information sessions for students and their families during Term 3.  We meet with Year 10 students and their families to discuss options for Year 11 and 12, including our VCE program as well as other options such as VCAL and TAFE offered at other local educational providers.  We meet with Year 12 students and their families to discuss the VTAC processes for tertiary courses. Each year the College hosts ‘Careers Week’ a full week of events to promote Careers planning across the College.


Year 10, 11 and 12 students have access to VETiS (Vocational Education and Training in Schools) programs as part of our involvement in the Northern Schools VET Network. When students complete a VET subject, this contributes to part of their VCE program. If students select not to enrol in VCE and transitioning to a VCAL program at another education setting, their VET program will contribute to their VCAL program. For students who wish to enrol in VCAL the College recommends they enquire at Melbourne Polytechnic.

Work Experience

All Year 10 students take part in a week of work experience in Term 2. Students are supported in developing resumes, resumes, application letters and interview skills. The students complete a project related to their week of work experience.


Careers Education at Charles La Trobe College is embedded into the curriculum at all year levels from Year 7 – Year 12.

Through a range of teaching and learning strategies used in all classes, students are given the opportunity to increase their awareness of careers and investigate pathways to have realistic and exciting possibilities upon finishing their school education.

The Careers Centre located on the ground floor of the main building near the canteen, contains an extensive library of texts, vocational DVD’s, University and TAFE information and offers support and careers advice to all students.

Year 7 – 12 Career Education within the College follows the guidelines set out in the Victorian Careers Curriculum Framework.

Year 7

I Discover – Students learn to recognise the importance of how behaviour and attitude affect personal performance.

Year 8

I Explore – Students identify their beliefs and value systems and their influence on self-concept.

Year 9

I Focus – Students learn to understand how individual characteristics such as interests, skills, values, beliefs and attributes contribute to achieving personal, social, educational and professional goals. Students investigate career options and begin preparation for work experience. TAFE tasters and Try a Trade day are part of the curriculum.


Careers Education

Year 10

I Plan – Students understand the importance of allies (i.e. friends, family and supporters) to maintaining a positive self-concept. Students complete Careers FastTrack testing which includes a 30 minute individual counselling session.  This is an in-depth testing process which provides insights into a person’s personality style and their career preferences. Students and staff use the reports to assist subject selection and tertiary course preferences. Work experience is undertaken in Term two.

Year 11

I Decide – Students cover self-development, career exploration and career management through their VCE Excellence classes. Workshops run by Elevate Educate are incorporated into the program.

Year 12

I Apply – Students learn to critically examine their career goals and gain the requirements to plan for further education, training or employment. They become aware of alternative pathways to achieve their preferred future and prepare for life beyond school. Workshops run by Elevate Educate are incorporated into the program.