At Charles La Trobe College we passionately believe in the potential of every student at any age. Our Junior School offers outstanding education opportunities to all its students. Our experienced staff and excellent resources provide a warm, friendly and orderly environment in which every child is nurtured to succeed.

Wellbeing and Learning

Supporting student well-being is a priority of Charles La Trobe College. We provide a safe and orderly environment in which our students flourish academically, emotionally and socially. Our teachers develop authentic relationships with students by establishing clear expectations and building trust. In the primary school we work within a Positive Behaviour Support model with a focus on teaching children to make positive choices.

Students in the Primary School engage in a range of experiences in and beyond the classroom to support them to expand their social skills, gain confidence and make and keep friends within the safe and secure primary learning environment.

Our teaching teams plan together to provide your child with learning opportunities that develop the foundation knowledge, skills and behaviours in literacy and numeracy that they need to support them through life. Our learning is personalised to match to the individual needs of our students. In this way, each child is supported to achieve their best and be their best.

The teaching and learning program is developed by identifying what our students already know and, therefore, what they are ready to learn next. Our teachers use a series of assessments to determine the next step in each student’s learning. Lessons are then planned to extend students’ experiences and develop a sense of curiosity about the world around them.

The Early Years – Prep & Year 1-2

In the Early Years program we set the foundations of for life-long learning. We provide our students an individualised learning path with a focus on developing Literacy and Numeracy skills, whilst also covering curriculum areas such as The Arts, Health and P.E., Personal and Social Capabilities.Our main focus in Prep and Year 1-2 is on establishing skills in reading, writing and numeracy to set a solid foundation on which to build future learning. Our students frequently use ICT to support their learning in these areas. Reading Recovery, language and learning support programs are available for those students who require additional assistance.

Our goal is to provide a classroom rich with experiences so our students experience a range of learning experiences including incursions, excursions, performing arts, visual arts and physical education classes.

Occupational Therapy students from La Trobe University lead our Perceptual Motor Program which is key to developing the gross and fine motor skills our young students require.

Years 3-6

Within the Year 3 to 6 program we develop breadth and depth in student learning. We provide students with opportunities to fully participate in all curriculum areas whilst increasing engagement via the use of digital technologies. English, Mathematics and Science programs are a main focus for students across the upper primary school.  We support the students to broaden their knowledge base and apply independent thinking strategies. Students are able to participate in discussion about ideas and beliefs and express informed opinions. They learn to discriminate between the quality of information when forming opinions.

Our focus on science is about questioning and developing curiosity. Staff from Quantum Victoria and La Trobe University  help our students get a head start in the areas of mathematics and science as they are challenged to explore scientific concepts in the world around them.

In addition to classes in performing arts, visual arts and physical education Year 3-6 students who enjoy the performing arts can elect to join the choir. The choir practices once a week and is involved in special performances. language and learning support programs are available for those students who require additional assistance.

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